Optical DO Sensor

Optical DO Sensor / Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Combining innovative ISM technology with high-end optical measurement, METTLER TOLEDO offers an optical DO sensor fully suitable for biopharma applications. The InPro 6860i offers highly accurate oxygen measurement with enhanced stability, and easy handling without electrolyte change or time-consuming polarization procedures. The DO probe is equipped with a digital interface (digital ISM and Modbus RTU) plus analog output signal for direct integration into existing bio controllers, analog transmitters and into process environments including HART communication protocol.

Mettler-Toledo Intelligent Sensor Management

mettler toledo ismWith Mettler-Toledo’s advanced Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), these concerns are a thing of the past! ISM has been around for years helping all kinds of processes have accurate and assured calibrations and maintenance statuses throughout the whole line of Mettler-Toledo sensors. This technology sends you automatic diagnostic data about your sensor’s:

• Health • Dynamic lifetime • Calibration quality
• Glass strength • Sensor drift

Utilizing this technology would allow you to go into a run or experiment 100% certain that your probes will not be an issue and can move forward with peace of mind. By choosing one of the many Mettler-Toledo sensors equipped with ISM technology, you’ll save on manual labor, experimental waste/time, and be sure you won’t have experimental error due to sensor drift or misreading. With all of this, it makes it an easy choice to move towards ISM probes for your R&D lab or large-scale facility.

Which brings us to a really BIG announcement…

Mettler-Toledo recently launched ISM 2.0 which comes equipped with the same features described but with greater control, reliability, and software to bolster the ease of use and peace of mind that comes with these sensors. ISM 2.0 adds upgrades to the lifetime and calibration algorithms that make them even more accurate at telling you the health and quality of your data and sensors. The upgrade comes partnered with more robust software for enhanced process reliability.

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