High Purity New England Supports Drug Development Pipelines with Fully Customizable and Flexible Single-Use Assembly Solution

HPNE supports drug development pipelines with fully customizable and flexible single use assembly solution

Demand for single-use assembly solutions in the biopharma industry continues to increase, with the market expected to be worth $26.89 billion by 20251 . To help meet that demand High Purity New England (HPNE), a leading supplier of biopharma equipment and process solutions for the biopharma industry, created HPConnexx, a single-use assembly solution suitable for […]

Dissolved CO2 Measurement in Cell Culture: Integrating an Inline CO2 Sensor

It has become industry practice to keep a close watch and refined control on pH and dissolved O2, in conjunction with parameters including pressure, temperature, and aeration rates. We’ve also seen a growing necessity to monitor CO2 gas levels within process cultures real-time, both small and large scales. As CO2 gas affects the flux in […]