Microfluidics’ Microfluidizer® processors are high shear fluid processors designed for laboratory processing of micro- and nano-scale materials for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food & beverage, cannabis, and chemical industries. Microfluidizer® technology efficiently converts fluid pressure into shear forces, providing an efficient solution for droplet size reduction, deagglomeration, and cell disruption. By forcing fluid at high velocity and constant pressure through a fixed-geometry microchannel within an Interaction Chamber™, the Microfluidizer processor can achieve unmatched particle size, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Because of the technology’s strong ability to maintain constant pressure and repeatability at low and high pressures, the Microfluidizer processor offers guaranteed scalability. Scalability is easy and streamlined due to the unique design of the multi-slotted fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber™. It means that identical high shear rates are imparted to product formulations as are achieved on lab-scale and pilot-scale machines through scalable Interaction Chambers™. Recommended applications include emulsions, dispersions, liposomes, and cell disruption.

Microfluidizer Models

microfluidizer laboratory homogenizer LM10
The LM10 Microfluidizer processor is an economical, compact high shear homogenizer that contains a pneumatically driven intensifier pump which regulates constant, continuous pressure, requiring standard 110V power. The process pressure range goes up to 23,000 psi and can be digitally controlled via PLC and is easy to use via a touchscreen display. The LM10 has a minimum process volume capacity of 35 mL and is geared towards small-scale, laboratory batch sizes. Temperature can be monitored via thermalcouples and maintained with an ice water bath tray.

microfluidizer high shear homogenizer LM20
Similar to other benchtop units, the LM20 Microfluidizer processor has a unique design that also converts high pressure into shear forces, driving product through a fixed geometry pathway. Slightly larger than the LM10, the LM20 is electro-hydraulically driven and requires 3PH power. Two models are offered, each providing different maximum process pressures; 20,000 psi and 30,000 psi, digitally controlled via a touchscreen display. Both have minimum process volume capacities of 35 mL and are typically used in a small-scale setting. Temperature can be maintained with an ice water bath tray.

microfluidizer processor microfluidics m110p
The M110P is a laboratory-scale benchtop homogenizer unit designed to handle larger volumes than the LM10 and LM20. The M110P is electro-hydraulically driven and is powered by a single PH electrical unit at 110V power. The process pressure range goes up to 30,000 psi and is digitally adjustable via a touchscreen display. Producing flow rates up to 120 mL/min, this unit offers a high throughput option. Temperature can be monitored via thermalcouples and maintained with an ice water bath tray.

microfluider homogenizer m110eh 30

The M110EH Microfluidizer® processor is a pilot-scale homogenizer that utilizes an on-board 3.7 kW electric-hydraulic drive which powers a single acting intensifier pump. The stainless steel unit is mounted on casters enabling easy mobility and is designed for pilot-scale processing and work space. All product paths and instrument valves are sanitary-grade and Bioprocessing Equipment Certification (BEP) compliant. The instrument has wetted surfaces finished to 20 Ra electropolish where possible, and all surfaces are passivated.

The M110EH is geared towards clinical and production batches, handling sample sizes as small as 120 mL to volumes of up to 100 L. Flow rates of 450 mL/min can be achieved at 25,000 psi and 350 mL/min can be achieved at 30,000 psi. Process pressure and temperature can be manually controlled and monitored with local display and signal transferred to the customer’s data acquisition system.

The unit is validatable under 21 CFR to cGMP. A complete turnover documentation package is offered for validation, as well as material certifications, IQOQ documentation, and calibrations. Onsite start-up assistance, maintenance and operation training is available.

pilot scale homogenizer biopharma microfluidizer microfluidics

The M815 model is a pilot-scale homogenizer geared towards bridging the production gap between the M110P and M700 series. The unit is self-contained and mounted on locking casters for mobility and is also designed with very accessible maintenance points for easy upkeep. It offers cost- effective production capability, assures batch-to- batch repeatability, and facilitates non- destructive processing of heat-sensitive materials. It is a great alternative to the M110EH model for larger batches and higher throughput.

The M815 is equipped with sanitary-grade and BPE-compliant product paths, instruments and valves. Its 7” touchscreen HMI allows users to monitor key process parameters and adjust process pressure. It can produce a product flow rate of up to 1200 mL/min at 10,000 – 30,000 psi ranges and can handle a minimum product batch volume of 2000 mL. The product hold-up volume is a low of 1000 mL.

Like the M110EH, the M815 can validate under 21 CFR to cGMP with data logging options. It includes a complete document turnover package for validation support, including IQOQ, material certifications, and calibrations. Onsite start-up assistance, maintenance and operation training is available.

m700 microfluidizer microfluidics

Once desired pilot batches are achieved, users can seamlessly scale up to full production with one of the M700 series models. The M700 series, which includes models M7125 and M7250, feature the same high-pressure, multi-slotted fixed-geometry Interaction Chambers that are equipped on all Microfluidics equipment. These units generate the highest shear rates of any fluid processor on the market today, most often resulting in achieving desired product quality in a single-pass.

Each M700 series machine houses an electric-hydraulic system providing power to one or two single-acting intensifier pumps, depending on the model selected. The three models have the same enclosure size. Pressure, flow, and resultant shear rates are selectable, and your choice of available Interaction Chambers help you achieve optimum results. Models M7125, and M7250 machines incorporate 25 HP and 50 HP motors respectively. The M7250 includes dual intensifier pumps that operate synchronously and produce a near constant pressure. This, in turn, results in less processing time and long-term reliability as compared to conventional homogenizers.

All models are of stainless steel construction with stainless steel enclosures for easy external cleaning. All models are designed for clean-in-place with no disassembly required. For products that tend to be difficult to clean, all models can be fitted with our optional Ultra-Clean-In-Place (UCIP) feature, which, again, requires no disassembly.

MP350 Microlyser processor for cell disruption production

An Innovation in Cell Disruption Production

The MP350 Microlyser™ processor is a new revolutionary hybrid approach to cell disruption, which pairs the proprietary Microfluidics Interaction Chamber™ with a unique sanitary electric pumping system to create a production scale solution.

This biopharma grade processor achieves maximum yields, improves product quality and delivers optimum yields in production scale cell disruption.

  • Consistent Shear Rates with Fewer Passes achieves high quality yields with limited risk of denaturation.
  • Controlled Temperature Regulation preserves the integrity of temperature-sensitive contents. 6 Efficient Separation prevents clogging issues and delivers shorter filtration times.
  • Ease of Cleaning limits downtime and prevents contamination-free content.
  • Repeatable Results provides consistency batch-to-batch.

Optimal Biotech Group and Microfluidics are service-oriented vendors. We will assist in helping you determine your preferential flow and pressure rates, and work with you in sampling your formulas in our applications laboratory, providing full confidential documentation of results. You will receive qualitative and quantitative analyses, particle size measurement and recommendations on how to best achieve desired results.

We work as your partner in product development and production, providing out-of-house expertise and ongoing applications assistance.

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