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The Mettler-Toledo retractable InTrac 797e / 799e housings are specifically designed for applications in processes which utilize 12 mm pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity, and turbidity (Mettler-Toledo InTrac 799e) sensors. This sterilizable retractable housing has a double flushing chamber which was designed to meet the highest demands of the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries where sterile conditions are required. The double flushing chamber allows complete sterilization of the upper and lower sections of a sensor and insertion shaft allowing the electrode / sensor to be removed and replaced under a completely sterile environment.


ISM®, a breakthrough technology from METTLER TOLEDO, allows users of process analytical equipment to benefit from accurate diagnostics that predict when sensor maintenance will be required, while also increasing production process safety.

It is a digital technology that incorporates intelligent algorithms into sensors and analyzers. The combination of on-board microprocessors and algorithms that actually learn from process conditions, simplifies sensor and analyzer handling and workflows. ISM delivers a level of performance that analog systems simply cannot provide, including:

  • Increased accuracy and measurement confidence
    With ISM the process parameter value is calculated directly in the sensor, resulting in higher accuracy than analog probes. Moreover, the digital signal is unaffected by plant conditions and is stable over long cable runs, providing you with greater assurance in your processes.
  • Online sensor diagnostics
    ISM sensors continuously check themselves for wear. Inside the probe sophisticated algorithms learn from process variables to calculate when sensor calibration or replacement will be due. The Adaptive Calibration Timer and Dynamic Lifetime Indicator allow you to use your resources more efficiently.
  • Easy, error-free operation
    ISM sensors store their own calibration data. They can be quickly and accurately calibrated away from the process in any suitable location. When they are connected to an ISM transmitter, this data is uploaded and the transmitter configures itself automatically.

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