Single-Use Inline Dilution System

Single-Use Inline Dilution System

Streamline buffer preparation and delivery to optimize your downstream bioprocess

The Agilitech single-use inline dilution system provides a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to traditional manual buffer preparation and management. With traditional buffer preparation, large quantities of multiple buffers are manually prepared and stored for later use. This process is both time consuming and requires adequate space for storage of the prepared buffer solution until it is used. In contrast, there is no buffer preparation and storage with the Agilitech automated single-use inline dilution system.

The concentrated buffer solution is diluted in a single-use mixer that is integrated into your downstream bioprocess. The Agilitech system controls dilution of the highly concentrated buffer and ensures precise just-in-time delivery at the point of use in your process. This automated process results in more efficient use of existing resources, including labor and reagents, as well as a smaller facility footprint. It also eliminates the risk of operator errors associated with manual buffer preparation and management.

De-bottleneck your downstream bioprocess with automated inline buffer preparation and delivery:

  • Precise and reproducible buffer preparation with just-in-time delivery at point of use
  • Minimize manual labor associated with traditional buffer preparation
  • Reduce buffer hold capacity requirements to save space
  • Inline static mixer with back-pressure regulator ensures stable mixing
  • Dual inlet header with Quattroflow pumps on each header
  • Three models to handle flow rates from 0.167 LPM to 41 LPM

Tech Specs

General Skid Specifications
Tubing ID0.50 in0.75 in1.0 in
Flow Rates0.167-15 LPM0.167-20 LPM0.8-41 LPM
Pressure0-60 psi/4 bar0-60 psi/4 bar60 psi/4 bar
pH0-14 pH0-14 pH0-14 pH
Conductivity0-250 mS/cm0-250 mS/cm0-250 mS/cm
Temperature Range2-50°C2-50°C2-50°C
Humidity (non-condensing)10-90%10-90%10 – 90%
Utility Required, Skid Power*220-230 VAC220-230 VAC220-230 VAC
Wetted MaterialsUSP <88> Classs VI and animal freeUSP <88> Class VI and animal freeUSP <88> Class VI and animal free
Inlets1 Water, 4 Buffer1 Water, 4 Buffer1 Water, 4 Buffer
Flow Accuracy±3%±3%±3%
Dims (W x D x H)**910 x 910 x 1025 mm1622 x 1422 x 1816 mm1622 x 1422 x 1816 mm
Sensor Performance
Pressure0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-0 psi (± 5%)
0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-0 psi (± 5%)
0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-60 psi (± 5%)
Conductivity0-250 mS/cm (±0.25 mS/cm)0-250 mS/cm (±0.25 mS/cm)0-250 mS/cm (±0.25 mS/cm)
Flow0-20 LPM (± 3%)0-50 LPM (± 3%)0-100 LPM (± 3%)
pH0-14 (± 0.1)0-14 (± 0.1)0-14 (± 0.1)

*Compressed air (oil free) @ 80 psi/5.5 bar
**Highest Operator interaction: 5 ft 2 in

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