Bioprocess Containers & Assemblies

Single-Use Solutions for Upstream and Downstream Bioprocessing

A closed biological production process reduces risks in drug manufacturing by diminishing the risk of contamination. This is true for mAbs, vaccines, bioconjugates, cell therapies and gene therapies. Incorporating these technologies early in production makes scaling up easier.

With industry-leading turnaround times, Entegris delivers high performing, inert, and low E&L solutions for single-use and full-scale processes in upstream, downstream, fill/finish, and oligonucleotide applications. Their comprehensive set of bag solutions, motion bioreactor bags, bioprocess containers, mixing systems, and microcarrier separation systems meets emerging requirements of fast-growing, bioprocessing applications. Entegris can customize process solutions and deliver with speed to meet tight development timelines. They also provide a complete line of accessories, tubing, fittings, and related products to fill any company’s bioprocessing needs.

entegris aramus single-use bag assembly
Provides a new level of assurance for your frozen product storage, final fill, process sampling and archiving, peptide synthesis, and buffer and media prep processes

entegris 3d bioprocess assemblies
Customizable 3D multilayer bioprocess assemblies are ideal for medium to large, single-use biopharmaceutical applications

bioprocess containers entegris powder bags
Robust, anti-static single-use powder bioprocess containers and transfer solution

entegris 2d motion rocker bags
Custom solutions for mammalian and plant culture lines or growing NS0 and other cholesterol sensitive clones

entegris microcarrier cell separation system
Streamlined, completely sterile, single-use filter/mesh bag system provides flexible containment in upstream applications

entegris mixing system
Complete, customizable mixing system for storing, recirculating, and mixing biopharmaceuticals in a single-use bag

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