Cell Capacitance Measurement

ABER Instruments has a wide range of FUTURA probes, suited to measure live biomass readings (typically cells/mL or g/L) converted from raw capacitance measurement. Conductivity can also be measured in millisiemens per centimeter (mS/cm), and is used as an indicator for utilization of ions by cell suspensions (i.e. pH control and other fermentation processes). The 12mm diameter cell capacitance measurement probes are ideal for small bioreactors and the 25mm diameter for larger vessels, typically used in manufacturing / production environments. Various lengths are offered starting at 120mm, 220mm, 320mm, and 420mm. All probes are electro-polished and passivated. Options for USP class VI and FDA CFR21 177 certificates are available, and by default a probe is shipped with a standard certificate of traceability.

ABER Instruments develops and manufactures dielectric technology used to monitor biomass. By measuring cell membrane capacitance and media conductivity, sensors are used to determine live cell concentration online within small and large-scale bioreactor processes.

Cells with intact plasma membranes can be considered to act as tiny capacitors under the influence of an electric field. The non-conducting nature of the plasma membrane allows a build-up of charge. The resulting capacitance can be measured: it is dependent upon the cell type and is directly proportional to the membrane bound volume of these viable cells.

Widely adopted by the world’s leading biotech companies in both R&D and cGMP, ABER’s products are small and light but deliver powerful capabilities and great application flexibility. The FUTURA system’s three primary hardware components are: The Probe, the FUTURA Instrument (Head Amplifier), and the Transmitter.


Optimal Biotech Group and ABER Instruments are service-oriented vendors. We will assist in providing demos and follow up with data review, providing full confidential documentation of results. You will receive qualitative and quantitative analysis from our team. We work as your partner in product development and production, providing out-of-house expertise and ongoing applications assistance.

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