Optical Reflectance Biomass Sensors

ABER’s patented optical reflectance biomass sensors with bio-reflectance technology utilize single wave-length optical reflectance to bring you live biomass trends in real-time. The bio-reflectance sensor emits near-infrared (NIR) light from the sensor into the medium. This light is reflected by cells present in the media and returns to the detector on the sensor face. The detected light intensity is directly proportional to total cell density. OPTURA bio-reflectance technology utilizes a unique, patented bubble filter algorithm. The bubble filter allows the technology to remove reflectance signals generated by bubbles in a reactor which can falsely be recorded as biomass leading to inaccurate readings as seen in traditional optical measurements. This bubble filter allows the OPTURA technology to provide a consistent biomass reading across a range of gaseous flow rates. Read more about this technology.

Key OPTURA Benefits:

  • Real-time, on-line
  • Wide range of applications
  • Contactless
  • Range of bioreactors from benchtop to bags
  • Monitor trends of biomass
  • Handheld

Product Details

Aber Optura Palm
OPTURA PALM hand-held contactless biomass sensors gives real-time on the spot readings from inside your vessel without breaking the sterile barrier. Touch and run: Simply press the OPTURA PALM sensor to your vessel to obtain a reading then move on to the next. Save on time, consumables, and waste production in the lab.

OPTURA SPY brings Aber’s optical reflectance readings to a format fit for most transparent surfaces. Stick on your SPY adapter and start monitoring cells. The OPTURA SPY can be utilized in all areas from mounted on benchtop reactors to fixed to tubing in recirculation loops or downstream processing. The SPY is truly adaptable and transferable.

Aber Optura Scope
The convenience of a straight-forward insertion probe for real-time online readings. Coming soon!

ABER Instruments develops and manufactures dielectric technology used to monitor biomass. By measuring cell membrane capacitance and media conductivity, sensors are used to determine live cell concentration online within small and large-scale bioreactor processes.

Cells with intact plasma membranes can be considered to act as tiny capacitors under the influence of an electric field. The non-conducting nature of the plasma membrane allows a build-up of charge. The resulting capacitance can be measured: it is dependent upon the cell type and is directly proportional to the membrane bound volume of these viable cells.

Widely adopted by the world’s leading biotech companies in both R&D and cGMP, ABER’s products are small and light but deliver powerful capabilities and great application flexibility. The FUTURA system’s three primary hardware components are: The Probe, the FUTURA Instrument (Head Amplifier), and the Transmitter.


Optimal Biotech Group and ABER Instruments are service-oriented vendors. We will assist in providing demos and follow up with data review, providing full confidential documentation of results. You will receive qualitative and quantitative analysis from our team. We work as your partner in product development and production, providing out-of-house expertise and ongoing applications assistance.

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